The Cottage is open to visitors on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from noon through 5 PM.  Volunteer House of Czech and Slovak members serve refreshments and visitors are welcome to view the displays of photos, a video presentation, and cultural items. 

Where: 2170 Pan American Plaza, San Diego, CA 92101

When: Saturdays and Sundays for 5 hours between 11 AM to 5 PM. 

Our Story

Established in 1935, our organization serves as a meeting place for those who either want to celebrate their Czech and Slovak Heritage or want to learn more about our unique cultures. You do not need to know either of the languages to become a member. Come and join us during our monthly meeting or visit our cottage on Saturdays and Sundays, noon to 5 PM.

On Saturdays and Sundays, our members take turns hosting the cottage and offer samples of ethnic pastries and coffee. Donations are accepted and appreciated. During the afternoon, hosts willingly answer question about our two republics and provide information about the artifacts on display.

Czech Republic & Slovakia
Slovakia was ruled for a millennium by Hungary.  In 1918 they united with Czechoslovakia, and for 74 years they were a Union.
In 1989 with the collapse of the Soviet Authority, Czechoslovakia regained its freedom.

On January 1, 1993 the country underwent a peaceful separation into its two national components as we know it today.  The Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

The separation created no problems among the members of our organization, as we still promote the culture of each country and maintain great rapport and relationships between all Czech and Slovak members.

Both countries are now members of NATO, and are integrated into the world markets.


Czech Customs to predict the future:
Fortune telling and predicting the future has obsessed mankind for ages, and at Christmastime there are traditions that are still practiced today.

Walnut shells are cut in half and a candle is placed in it.  The shell is floated on a bowl of water, if it makes it across the bowl, the person will live a healthy long life.  If it sinks it will bring bad luck.

Young girls always want to know if they are getting married in the year to come.  This is the way to find out. On Barbora’s Day, December 4th, a maiden will cut a branch of a cherry tree and place it in water. If the branch blooms by Christmas Eve, she will get married within a year.
She can also throw a shoe over her shoulder aiming at the door. If the toe of the shoe points toward the door, she will be a bride within a year.

If a goat is given apples to eat on Christmas eve, the milk will be sweet.

If hens are fed poppyseeds, peas wheat and barley, they will lay lots of eggs the following year.