Hosting Information


Hosting Check off List

  1. Place tablecloth on the bar and set up pastry shelf, donation box, coffee condiments.
  2. Make coffee 1 scoop=6cups or 1 heaping teaspoon=2cups.
  3. Cut up pastries and serve on paper plates.
  4. Make lemonade on a warm day. 1 cup lemonade to 3 cups water, over ice.
  5. Hang the flags outside.
  6. Turn on lights and lights in the display cabinets, turn the music on.
  7. Open the cottage, greet and engage visitors in conversion, ask if they would sign our guest list.
  8. At 5PM take down the flags and close the cottage.
  9. Clean up, vacuum, take out garbage. (No leftover food in the cottage due to pest problems).
  10. Count donation money, fill out receipt slip (book and pre-addressed envelopes are located in the cabinet in the kitchen, near the tape recorder). One person takes the money and sends a personal check to the treasurer with the receipt.
  11. Locate the key envelope in the cabinet behind the bar. Send the key to the person who will host the next Sunday.
  12. Take a brief inventory of supplies and call Stan or Jarmila at (619)971-2747 if we're running low on something.
  13. Turn off all lights and music.
  14. Before locking up make sure the double door has a wooden bar across the handles.

Never give any foods to any minors without their parent's consent. This is to prevent any chances of a lawsuit due to food allergy in a minor.