Food Handling


Food Handler Certificate

All members who will be handling foods during special events such as Ethnic Food Fair, Lawn Program and Christmas on Prado must have a valid Foodhandler Certificate.

New license or renewal is possible to obtain by:

1. attending class offered by HPR food safety manager Eugenie King. To register please e-mail her at This certificate is only valid for HPR food handling and can only be renewed by attending the class again every 3 years.

2. Take test online. Some of our members have used services such as Premier Food Safety and efoodhandlers. You will have to pay to the company (usually $10-15) but will be reimbursed by the cottage when you submit the receipt to our treasurer.

3. contacting one of the SD county approved schools at and sign up for their course. The certificate received here is standard type which can be renewed by going to the county office on Overland Avenue or Carmel Street. To renew your certificate, bring your ORIGINAL Food Handler certificate and picture ID, take a test and receive a renewal card while you wait.

After receiving your certificate, please update your information on the food handler's log inside the cottage. Cost of the Food Handler certificate is reimbursable by our cottage.

Food Safety Highlights

Maximum temp for holding cold foods: 41-45 deg F (41 deg for storing food)
Minimum temp for heated foods: 135 deg F
Minimum temp for chicken: 165 deg F
Minimum temp for hamburgers: 155 deg F
Minimum temp for pork and eggs: 145 deg F
Monitor food temperature at least every 2 hours.

Multi-use utensils must be properly washed (detergent and water 110deg F) rinsed and sanitized with sanitizer (bought premixed or mixed with1 tsp bleach/gal water = 50ppm) for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Special Event Booth Set Up:

Booths with unpackaged foods must be located inside a tent; including cooking equipment such as fryers and flat grills (excluding BBQ's which must be located outside the tent.) All cooking equipment must be located at least 5 feet away from public and separated by a barrier. Tent must be closed in on 3 sides. Sneeze screen must be present at the front interface with public.

Hand washing station must be set up first and located inside the tent. It must consist of 5 gallon insulated container with spigot that allows for both hands to be free to rub under continuous running water, hand soap, paper towel roll and bucket collecting waste water. Water temperature must be in a range of 100-108 deg F, in 5 gallon container and potable. No eating, drinking or smoking allowed inside the food prep area/booth, no sick persons are allowed to handle open food.

Those involved in food preparation, dividing, serving foods must wear gloves and hair nets.

BBQ's, propane/butane tanks must be located outside tent, therefore hoses to the equipment must be long enough to connect to the cooking equipment inside the tent.

Food must be prepared and stored in an approved food facility! Do not prepare or store foods at home!

Name of the facility must be posted in at least 3 inch lettering.

For more information on requirements for setting up temporary food facility see the following link: