Poppy Seed Roll (Makový Závin)



3¼ cups of regular or Vondra flour

2 teaspoon dry yeast

1/3 cup sugar

1/3 cup shortening

2 yolks

½ teaspoon salt

1 cup milk



1 cup ground poppy seeds

1 cup milk

3 tablespoons sugar or more depending on taste

2 teaspoons jam


Add 1 teaspoon of sugar to ½ cup of lukewarm milk. Add yeast and allow to dissolve and rise to foam. Add to the rest of the ingredients and knead into a soft dough. Leave dough in warm area until it rises to about double of its size.


Prepare filling by cooking poppy seeds in milk. When the mixture thickens, add the rest of the ingredients.


Once the dough has risen, knead it again and roll it out into a flat layer less than ½ inch thick. Spread the filling over top and roll the dough into a roll. Allow to rise again, paint the roll with an egg wash and bake at 350 degree F until done (for about 30 minutes.)